Hello again dears! I know that I am forever going on & on about the amazing awesomeness of Pinterest… but, too bad, I am about to do it again!

I saw the most adorable gift idea for someone who is sick, having a hard time, or just because you want to make them smile. One day, my lovely friend *coughJESScough* needed a bit of sunshine in her life, & being the fabulous friend that I am (who is currently shamelessly tooting my own horn) I decided it was time to put this idea into action!

Name of project: Box of Sunshine
Rules for what goes into the “Box of Sunshine”: ANYTHING.. as long as it’s yellow 🙂

The Dollar Store really is a magical place. Especially the one located just 7 minutes from our house. I swear, they have everything, even name brand items, for just $1! I won’t lie, I actually embarrass my husband a little bit with my enthusiasm for the $1 store… I just can’t help it! Case in point: the goodies I found for my Box of Sunshine!

Yellow & white basket
Vanilla incense
A bunch of (fake) yellow flowers
Mini Butterfinger candy bars
Chicken Soup for the Soul Word-Finds
Smiley face mints
Cotton candy
Framed quote
Pedometer (this held special meaning)

So that is a whopping grand total of $10!


I also printed off a “box of sunshine” free printable from the fabulous Happy Money Saver blog, which is where I first saw the box of sunshine concept.

Throw everything into your box/basket/whatever you decide to make…. & here are the results:

I LOVED making this for my friend, & I think I may need to make sure I have plenty of yellow goodies on hand for any other future days that need some sunshine (Dollar Store, here I come!!).

Until next time,

❤ Laura