The other day, I was browsing Pinterest for a few minutes (okay, maybe a tad longer than that), & I came across a picture of a window squeegee. What’s so interesting about that? Well, right next to the squeegee, on the carpeted floor, was a pile of fur/fuzz  & a caption that promised you could “Use a squeegee to remove pet hair from carpet!”. Since we have a dog (AKA puppyson), I thought this might be worth a look!
Of course, when I clicked the link, it went no where. No directions, no more details.. nothing. Sad day. Did I give up? No siree Bob! Instead, I high tailed it over to our friendly neighborhood Dollar Store, picked up a squeegee, & decided to “test” it on the carpet, & see if there really was something to this claim.

First, I made sure to thoroughly vacuum the carpet. I didn’t want to give this whole squeegee thing undo credit for removing a bunch of dog hair, if I hadn’t even vacuumed yet!
Second, I tried out a few different ways of pushing/pulling the squeegee… for some reason, I apparently thought pushing it was the brilliant thing to do… & then I luckily remembered how to use one of these things on a window, & came to the conclusion it was obviously easier (& you know, more NORMAL) to pull it towards me instead.

After finishing the living room/hallway I vacuumed again, in case there was any loose hair or dust, & also to fluff up the carpet a bit.

Here are a couple pics of what came out of my carpet:


It is a little hard to tell from these images, but there definitely was A LOT of hair in that ball of fuzz…. We have a short hair dog (white & brindle), so he doesn’t shed too badly. Even so, I didn’t realize just how much hair was in the carpet until I tried this neat little trick! However, be careful how hard you scrape with the squeegee, because it did pull up quite a bit of carpet fiber. Our carpets are only a couple of years old, so that could be the reason there was an excess of carpet fibers though.
I wouldn’t do this too often, but every few months I will repeat this process. It took some time to do, but when I was done our carpets looked BRAND NEW.

Lesson #1: Your floors are never as clean as you think they are.
Lesson #2: Just because there is no link to follow on that awesome looking Pinterest picture, doesn’t mean you can’t figure it out yourself!!

If you try this, I would love to know your results!

– Laura