"You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have" -M. Angelou

This blog is a collaboration of two friends sharing their adventures in DIY projects, decorating, cooking, & never ending housewifely duties that we dream up/put into action on a daily basis. We want to share our crazy creativity with others, & our goal is to inspire you to try something new, create something unique, & take the time to do something you enjoy.



I love all things vintage. Clothing, home decor, art…
I am a Christian, wife, photographer, small business owner, & I manage 2 local salons. Needless to say, life is busy. Life is also crazy, hectic, messy, unexpected, amazing, & 100% worth it all.

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Howdy Ya’ll! My name is Jessica, but please do call me Jess! I am married to my wonderful, loving Husband since 2010.  We have one child as of now, well we call him a child. He is a Yorkie Poodle named, Trigger!  He is just like a child, SPOILED ROTTEN!  I am a nut for anything DIY! Anything that I can spend my Hubb’s money and have a excuse for a Girl’s Night, count me in! I am in love with  anything  Primive, Rustic, Country, Vintage, Handmade Crafty  things! So I think I’m safe to say that there will be many more posts to come! Talk soon!

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